Hotel Security and Safety Checklist

by | Oct 8, 2020 | Security

During the several years I worked in hotel security, I was in charge of conducting security audits for various management companies. I offer the list below not as a comprehensive checklist, but as a starting point to work toward better safety or to prepare for an upcoming audit. Your insurance company likely has a multi-page list they can share with you based on updated concerns.

These items are compiled from multiple audit forms I’ve filled out in the past. A few are based on errors I made and corrected. These are shared here in the hopes it will prevent others from making the same mistakes.


  1. What happens when a guest dials 911?
    • Is dialing 9-911 necessary? Are there instructions posted in each room? (Preferably 911 and 9-911 both work)
    • Does 911 ring PBX, security, or go directly out to emergency services?
    • Is security alerted if the call goes directly to emergency services? (Critical for meeting an ambulance outside)
  2. Is there a list of serial numbers for expensive items that are prone to theft?
  3. What police reports have been filed for this address in the last few years?
  4. Are there sidewalk cracks or other tripping hazards?
  5. Are there cameras covering the main entrances?
  6. Are all POS areas on camera?
  7. Are CCTV recordings saved for at least 30 days? (Preferably 90)
  8. How often are full patrols conducted?
  9. Is safety paint in good condition?
  10. Do guest room doors close automatically and with enough force to latch? (From 45 degrees?)
  11. Are carpets and rugs free of trip hazards?
  12. Are grills and drains flush with the floor?
  13. Are handrails and guardrails secured?
  14. Are emergency exits lighted and facing the right direction?
  15. Do emergency phones in the elevators work?
  16. Do holdup alarms work?
  17. Are full-length windows and glass doors marked with decals at eye level?
  18. Are exit pathways free of obstructions?
  19. Is there a safety committee in place?
  20. Does the parking lot have potholes or other hazards?
  21. Is there adequate perimeter and pathway lighting at night?
  22. Are trees and shrubs trimmed to prevent access to upper floors and prevent hiding areas?
  23. Do windows on higher floors have child safety features?
  24. How often are door access codes changed?
  25. Are all walkways non-slip?
  26. Are swimming pool numbers posted at a nearby phone?
  27. Is all the lifesaving equipment in place, in good condition, and in clear view?
    • Shepard’s crook
    • Lifebuoy rings with length 2x width of pool
    • Rope separating shallow from deep end
  28. Are pool rules visible?
  29. Are there “No diving” signs?
  30. Are depth markers in feet and meters?
  31. Are ladders and railings in good condition?
  32. Is a daily log kept?
  33. Are pool chemicals checked frequently and results logged?
  34. Is the pool enclosed with a fence and self-closing gate?
  35. Is the pool chemical storage room well ventilated?
  36. Are pool chemicals properly secured?
  37. Is the water in the hot tub 104˚F or less? Does it meet local health requirements?
  38. Does the kitchen use non-slip mats?
  39. Are bartenders trained in ServeSafe or TIPS?
  40. Is bartender training documented and up to date?
  41. Are there designated alcohol servers?
  42. Can people outside the hotel directly dial rooms? (Potential fraud or harassment)
  43. Does the operator ask for both first and last guest names before transferring a call?
  44. Do all staff members protect guest privacy by not publicly referencing their room number?
  45. Are employees trained in handling possible bloodborne pathogens?
  46. Are there first-aid kits?
    • Are all items unexpired?
    • Is there a regular schedule for stocking the items?
  47. Are emergency numbers posted at the front desk? (police, ambulance, fire, burst pipe, company contacts, etc.)
  48. Are there defibrillators in common areas?
    • Are they checked regularly for charge and expired pads?

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