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Professional Office Security Service in San Francisco

Keeping your office facilities safe and running at peak efficiency is a critical concern. An office security service presence helps you prevent unauthorized access to your premises and assures that both visitors and personnel enjoy the benefits of a secure environment.

Lobby Security

First impressions count. On any given day, the people who walk through your doors represent all walks of life, and it is essential that they are all afforded the courtesy they deserve. Your lobby security is often the first point of contact, and it is an interaction that sets the tone for the individual’s time on your premises.

Professional Bay Area Office Security Services

Our San Francisco office security officers are customer-oriented, articulate, and friendly, enforcing your access protocols and assuring that everyone who enters is treated with care and respect. Generally speaking, a security presence is an effective deterrent against risky or anti-social behavior. However, should the need for escalation arise, Nob Hill Security’s officers are skilled in techniques that allow them to mitigate damage and resolve issues quickly so that normal operations continue with minimal disruption.

Nob Hill Security offers 24-hour unarmed Bay Area office security services, customizable to your specific needs, and will work with you to develop security protocols and disaster response plans to support a comprehensive safety and security posture.

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On-Site Office Security
in San Francisco

Nob Hill Security is a trusted office building security company, providing flexible, reliable services in San Francisco, CA, and throughout the Bay Area. Our officers are dependable, presentable, and professional, and each is thoroughly vetted and background-checked to meet the highest standards of security compliance.

Our Commitment to You

We are a licensed and insured security firm in California, providing unarmed, on-site security services for office buildings and other commercial entities. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, leveraging a client-centric, people-first approach that assures the result meets or exceeds your expectations.
Our technology platform ensures accountability, transparency, and superior response times, supporting your business model with best-in-class service delivery.

Guaranteed Friendly, Presentable, and Reliable Guards

All Guards Have Strong Customer Service Backgrounds

Business Suit or Traditional Security Uniforms

Random and Regular Supervisor Checks

GPS-Verified Time and Location Tracking

Cloud-Based Secure Communications Platform


Detailed Daily and Incident Reports


Emergency Call-Off Coverage

Highly Responsive Around The Clock

Short-Term or Long-Term Commitments

Cost-Effective Pricing


Benefits of Bay Area
Office Security

Running a safe and efficient operation is a complicated matter. Reliable office building security supports just about every aspect of your daily business, providing benefits beyond policing the premises. An on-site security presence helps you monitor all business functions, enabling you to get ahead of situations, whether mechanical, structural, or people-related.

Cost Reduction: On-site office security mitigates costs due to damage, loss, and injury, reducing the risk to residents and employees while deterring property crime.

Safer Work Environment: Employees feel safe and at ease in their workplace, boosting confidence and maximizing productivity.

Prevent Unauthorized Access: We provide comprehensive access authentication services, eliminating the worry of unauthorized entry, and minimizing loss.

An On-Brand Experience: Our officers are friendly, professional, and presentable, reflecting your brand image and strengthening your internal culture.


Our Reviews

Office Security Case Study:

A San Francisco Marketing Firm’s Breach of Premises

A third-party marketing firm, located in the city, experienced a break-in that compromised their server room, potentially exposing their most important client’s data to malicious intent. They had a critical need to prevent any further incidents, and it was essential for them to find an immediate solution, or they would risk losing the contract altogether.

The company contacted us, and we were able to schedule after-hours security coverage right away. Soon, they had complete peace of mind, knowing that their facilities would never sit empty.

Our team worked with building management and their alarm company to strengthen their access points, adding door alarms and redirecting alarm calls to go directly to our security officer. We posted an officer in the lobby to validate all incoming personnel, both with and without access badges. As a result, their employees were able to come and go securely, and the risk of gaining entry by claiming a lost access badge was minimized.

These changes helped the company assure their client that there was little to no possibility of a further breach, further solidifying their relationship. By minimizing and managing the risk, the company became stronger as they were able to focus more on growing their company and less on worrying about their assets.

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