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San Francisco Residential Security

Your residents expect the best. Your San Francisco residential security partner should reflect those values, both as an extension of your brand and a value-added service that comes with the address.

Reliable building security is a significant selling feature in San Francisco residential apartment buildings and condos. Tenants need to know that their safety and comfort is a priority for you, and on-site Bay Area residential security is an excellent way to give them the peace of mind they need.

Nob Hill Security offers round-the-clock lobby and building security, validating each entry to help you reduce unauthorized access, reduce property crime, and position your properties as safe and desirable places to be.

Simplify Your Building Security
With a Single Point of Contact

Your security detail provides consistency, giving residents the comfort of seeing the same friendly faces each day. Over time, a trusting relationship builds, instilling confidence in your residents, and strengthening that safe-at-home feeling everybody wants to have when they arrive at their abode.

Property managers enjoy the same benefits and courtesies, as we assign a single point of contact to each account. This means that no matter how many buildings you oversee, you will always deal with the same person, allowing you to nurture and establish a strong working relationship over time.

Our team works hard to understand your needs. Ultimately, we believe that working with us should be the most straightforward part of your job, and we will do everything in our power to make that so.

Scalable to Your Needs

Whether you are protecting a single building or several, we work closely with you to customize a Bay Area residential security plan that fits your needs and those of your tenants to a tee. Our officers are professional, courteous, polite, and well-groomed, dressed either in a business suit or security uniform, according to your preference.

We Are Committed to Your Safety and Security

Nob Hill Security is a licensed and insured security firm in California. We provide unarmed, on-site lobby security, residential building security, apartment building security, and condo security throughout San Francisco and the Bay Area.

The Nob Hill Security Difference

Our organization was founded on principles of excellence in customer service. All of our guards come to us with exemplary people skills, helping us deliver on our promise of uncompromising, meticulous, and customer-centric attention to detail.

and Transparency

We leverage a technology platform to ensure accountability, transparency, and superior response times.

Guards clock in using a GPS-based system so you can be confident they are exactly where they are supposed to be. Supervisors perform random checks, usually twice per 40-hour period. Our communications platform connects our entire team so that situations are escalated and dealt with promptly and efficiently. Efficient and clear communication is a high priority for us, as it allows us to maintain a high level of service and give you the peace of mind you need so you can sleep well at night.

What we offer

Bay Area Residential
Building Security

Guaranteed Friendly, Presentable, and Reliable Officers

Background-Checked and Fully Vetted

Licensed and Insured

Access Control, Lobby Security, Building Patrol

Top-Notch Customer Service


Skilled at De-Escalation Techniques

Business Suit or Traditional Security Uniforms

GPS-Verified Time and Location Tracking

Cloud-Based Secure Communications Platform

Around The Clock Response


Detailed Daily and Incident Reports


Emergency Call-Off Coverage

Short-Term or Long-Term Commitments

Cost-Effective Pricing

Customizable Plans to Suit Your Needs

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Case Study:

San Francisco Mid-Market Apartment Steps Up For Their Residents

An on-site security presence is an effective deterrent to the criminal element. One of our clients, a residential apartment building in the Mid-Market neighborhood, reached out to us because of a recent spate of incidents in the area.

The property manager identified specific locations in the building that had previously been a problem, such as stairways and the parking garage. Residents were experiencing unauthorized non-resident individuals in these areas, highlighting a need for better controls and monitoring as well as around-the-clock oversight.

The Solution

We assigned 24-hour security to the location, leveraging CCTV, and a regular patrol schedule to mitigate issues before they became problematic. Our officers were able to engage with suspicious individuals before they gained access, mitigating safety and loss concerns. Residents gained a renewed sense of relief and comfort, knowing that we had their backs, and with a highly visible security detail on the case, the criminal element turned their attention elsewhere.

Keeping Your Properties Safe and Secure is What We Do.

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